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Getting Started - Create API key and User?


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I am following the tutorial and at "Creating a XenForo API User." I have created a superuser API key. I have inserted and saved that to my settings on WP in Site Settings.

The tutorial does not necessarily leave instructions on how do create user. I fumbled my way thorough it and created an Administrator with “Manage Users & Moderators.” I don't see where to even use or insert that.

How do I sync my users?

Is there more to the guide?
I am exactly where this user is at in this thread:

I show import success but NO users from WP is showing in XF. The troubleshooting guide states to look for Freemius plugins or Ezoic.

I'm sure there has to be an issue with the API and superuser.

At least you didn't corrupt your XF user status. Somehow, when the import from XF to WP happened, a flag was set on the the XF side and all 13k users were moved into the Users group. I had to roll back to a previous snapshot to recover from that action.
Hi @KeithGP, I am sorry for all the confusion and lack of support on my end, but I am back to the forums and ready to help.

Can you message me your WP and XF site URLs? I may be able to find the issue by looking at your websites, otherwise there may be an internal configuration issue somewhere.

It sounds like you may have already found the Troubleshooting guide, but I am posting it again here for further review:

Before running any bulk import or advanced action, run a manual test on a single user to see if the sync works. For example, manually create a user on both installations then connect them together from the Edit user page in WordPress. If that sync works, then the other sync actions will work.

Another way to look at it—if the API user has the capability to do user related actions on XenForo, then they will be able to do it over the API. So if your API user cannot edit user's and change usergroups in XenForo, you must fix their permissions by adding them as an Administrator so they can perform these actions over the API.

I hope there was a helpful clue in there for you somewhere, and I genuinely hope you still have a desire to use this plugin. I will look out for your response @KeithGP!