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Implemented Generate clickable forum login URL

REO Club of America

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It would be nice if we could ensure the user was logged into the forum when clicking a menu link or button from the wordpress site that navigates to the forum after registration. I believe some of the use cases here could be solved with that kind of ability. If the user logs out of the forum but does not log out of wordpress, the next time they navigate to the forum from wordpress, it should sign them in again. If they go directly to the forum that would be out of the scope of control of the plugin.

Thank you
Hey, very astute suggestion as this is a method I plan to implement to help users auto login. Basically it would be a shortcode that generates a secure Auth link you would use in your navigation menu, or any other place you hyper link to your forum.
Hi @REO Club of America at long last I am marking this (partially) implemented, but very useful addition.

In XFtoWP 1.5 you will be able to redirect a WP page to a specially generated login token. You can assign a WP page with your own permalink (ex: domain.com/login-to-forum/) and it will detect if the user has an unexpired login auth link and redirect them to the forums automatically logged in.

After login the link will then forward to your forums index without the auth code. It seems these auth links are only active for about 30 seconds to 1 minute before they expire over at the XenForo site so this link should be used in a pretty obvious way during that time to give user's the one-click login functionality. Otherwise, they can just login to the forum manually.

The API doesn't seem to offer a log out function, so both accounts still have to be logged out on both sites. I would support logout functionality in a heartbeat if it were available, though. :)


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