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Fixed Forum replies user avatar images missing alt attribute


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The user avatars displayed on the forum replies don't have an alt attribute defined. The PageSpeed Insights tool is reporting both accessibility and SEO issues due to it.

I recommend applying the respective users' usernames as their avatar's alt attributes.
Easy fix, thanks for the heads up!
Can you please provide a manual fix for now, which I can use until the patch is out?

Also, can you please add a better ALT tag description for the avatars?

Currently, it uses the User Name. Can it be made as Avatar of User Name?
I have patched the avatar with the missing alt text for version 1.5.4 and have also enhanced the text with your suggested prefix:

Screen Shot 2023-11-26 at 14.39.48.png

I went down a mini rabbit hole about avatar alt text and found that this format is still not the preferred way due to it being repetitive when used next to the author's username, which in our case it is.

The ideal scenario would be text that describes the image, but that is not something we can depend on user's to provide.

To prevent the repetition I found a school of thought that suggests to leave the alt text blank, but I don't think that would be a good measure to add in this plugin.