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Favicon not showing on archive pages

Richard Brown

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When I open the bookshelf of the favicon, my site does not appear. For Stream, it appears until I open a specific stream. Did I skip a step in customizer when I installed the favicon?

It works fine on my iPad. The only issue is on the laptop, as I do not know if I have ever seen them on the iPhone.

I did clear the cache.
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MD developer
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Hi @Richard Brown, thanks for your patience with my reply—there was some seriously hectic development going on in the MD Labs over the weekend. :D

I ran through your site on my desktop and phone and saw the favicon everywhere. There is only one step to install the favicon so you definitely did all that's required. The only reason it wouldn't show up consistently could be some strange cache issue across devices.

In general I see the cache you use on your site is pretty aggressive and even causes some delays to the Like button, so I won't rule that out yet.