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I thought I'd open up a chat thread about this as I know there are some of you who are interested in cryptocurrency since I released my CryptoWP plugin.

Any day traders here, or do we have a bunch of fan boys like myself? I've met a few traders in person and got the impression that style of investing wouldn't work for me.

After going through a few different philosophical understandings of crypto and my own interests, I consider myself to be a longer term investor as the future of crypto and the blockchain look bright.

When I first got started investing I played with more risky alt coins and try to find larger profits there, and actually found a couple of successes. However over the past couple of months I've changed up my goals and now simply hold on to the larger projects and just stay put; I'd rather put my time and energy into MD and studying other topics of interest to me while watching the space develop.

One of the reasons I created the CryptoWP plugin was to help me step back a little from the time I put into crypto, and slowly accumulate more crypto by accepting some of my favorite coins. So far it's been a cool experiment and allows me to keep my foot in the door of crypto in a way that's familiar with me; through WordPress!

I'm curious to hear about your own strategies and your thoughts on the crypto space in general. There are actually a few crypto blogs I've found that use Marketers Delight to power their site, even one that I helped design (in Dutch): https://www.bestebank.org/