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Confirmed Change font of header menu and the color of the page title?

Ivan Brezak Brkan

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Using the customizer in MD, I can't find an option to change the color of a page's or post's title (which is inherited from the body color?) and to change the font of the menu in the header (which is inherited from the body font?) :) Small changes, I know but I haven't found where to set it up. Thank you in advance!
The settings are moved since MD 5.0. You can find them now when you're going to Marketers delight -> Site Design.

You can edit the colors on the first tab, when you go to text colors.
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You can change the font-size on the same page, but on the tab "fonts & typography". Go to the Header section.
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Thanks, @Maikel :)

1. I've tried, but when I do change the Headline color, it applies to H2, H3, etc, but not the title of the page/post - which is H1 I guess? I have the "headline color" set to black, but the Title of the post is gray like the body text?So the title color changes when I change the body color, but I want the title to be a different color than the body obv :)

As you can see, the title is gray, while the H4 is black:


2. As for the font change, also tried before and it doesn't work or I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. The header font settings react to the size, but when I put a font - they don't. It inherits the

If we take the same example, the H1 is Open Sans and it works, while the same font doesn't work for the header :(


I'm using 5.1

Thanks for the help! :)


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1. There was a bug for the headline color. in version MD 5.1.1 and previous. When you update your theme everything should work alright.

2. Tested it on version MD 5.1.2 and i see the same problem occur. Will make a bug report, so we can fix this asap.

For now you can add some custom code to fix it (you can delete the code as soon as we release a bug fix). You can add the following code to your child theme:
.header {font-family: Open Sans;}
Thanks @Maikel !

BTW, is this the same issue as the button font which I notice now is also the body font? Is there a css class to overwrite this as well?

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Yes, you can overwrite it with CSS. You can use the following code and change the font family to the font you want it to be.

input[type="submit"], button, .button, a.button, .button a, .format .button {font-family: Open sans;}
Great looking site @Ivan Brezak Brkan and thank you for working through this! I will take a look into this and see where the design controls can be improved and will keep up with progress in the bug reports forum (going to merge this thread).