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Bulk Actions-Import users from XF issues


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Once I got the API user key permissions settled, I performed the bulk action "import XF users into WP".

In XF, if a user has not logged in for 30 days, they are moved from "Users" to "New Users" group. This import action made them members of both groups. This is executed via a nightly cron job.

In addition to XF usergroups being modified, I also had usernames get modified and passwords get modified on the XF side of the house. Users with ampersands, quotes, or apostrophes in the name were changed. Here are a couple of examples:

dave "dhi"dave "dhi"
I am going to have to restore from a snapshot as over 12k user accounts were modified in some form.

Please advise where I went wrong before I attempt to use this action at a later time.
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