Adding Existing WP Users To WP


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Hi @Alex

We need to add the current users to Xenforo to the new wordpress

Issue I'm having is when I try and add a user to wordpress with same email thats in Xenforo I get an error - user already exists.

I need to then deactivate the plugin add the user then manually add the username and email to sync the user

I have 500+ users to add - Is there a way to do this an easier way?

Thanks, Matt


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Hi Matt,

The next release for XFtoWP is a bulk process tool that allows you to import XF users to WP with the click of a button. The release is near alpha version and I'll have a demo soon, so a solution is on the way.

XFtoWP intentionally checks cross-sites if the email exists and prevents syncing if so. I see a limitation of that and think a better experience would be to ask if you are sure you want to overwrite the user's email, rather than blocking it outright as it is currently.

I have 500+ users to add - Is there a way to do this an easier way?
Until the bulk processor tool is there, the best way is to get your users to verify themselves! XFtoWP comes with a manual user verify option where they simply need to enter the username from a page you create in WordPress to sync themselves.

Here is the shortcode you can use to output the form:

[xf template="user-verify"]

Until then I am working on the bulk updater and getting pretty excited for its release. I'll keep everyone updated here and at for a first look and other updates.