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user synching

  1. El Porcharo

    Implemented Start locked conversation

    As the User sync action gives us the possibility to start a conversation with the new user, it would be very useful to also have the option where to choose to prevent further replies or not, just like the XF native "Start a new conversation" feature. In my case, this is needed as the admin user...
  2. JBsmooth

    Connecting Users From XF to WP

    I had a question about connecting users (synching) from XF to WP. I was wondering if a new user registered on XF would they synch back to WP? Or, does it only work if the user registers on WP that it will synch to XF? I hope that's clear :ROFLMAO: Thanks!
  3. C

    Seamless User Experience Between Wordpress and Xenforo?

    Hi, after watching your videos a few times and reading everything I could about XFtoWP, I finally purchased and setup XenForo on a WP site thanks to your add-on :) There are several forum solutions for Wordpress, but some are slow with outdated designs and most forums users are more familiar...