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The space 'above the fold' is (often) regarded as the most valuable real-estate on a website. So in this thread, I want to highlight the best ATF examples in the MD community. Perhaps you can find a little inspiration for your website designs as well. . . . My first entry comes from Cameron Dares personal website Camerons messaging is direct, his call-to-actions are clear, and the design is simple/uncluttered—with no wasted space. I'm pretty sure @Alex had a hand in this design, so maybe he'll add his two cents later today, but what do you guys think? Are there elements of this design that you'd like to implement on your site(s)? If so, which ones? @Some French Dude @gauravtiwari @Ivan Brezak Brkan, @bobgentle @amalseed you guys are pretty active in the forums, so I'd love to know what you think of Camerons 'Above The Fold' design, and if/how you think it can be improved.
Googiehost is a free hosting provider and a blog on hosting, blogging & marketing based in Lucknow, India. It has two parts, and This first one is a static website coded in HTML (and somewhere PHP), while Blog is built on WordPress. I used MD to first redesign the Blog part and then used the generated stylesheet + some custom css on static parts of the googiehost. is built entirely on MD's helper classes as instructed here: This is the homepage of Googiehost: It uses system-ui fontstack as of now but will be switching to proxima nova when we buy a license. Next is the Googiehost Blog: :) Feedback appreciated.
I don't think I'm an above the fold superstar, but I did recently rebuild my whole site on MD so I'd love to hear your thoughts on my front page: I want to do more work on it but I'm focusing on optimizing existing posts and writing new ones at the moment.
I know a hell of a local artist in Orlando named Magali and recently I helped her spin up a simple site to sell her gourd art on a first come first serve basis. The design is mostly configured with MD's default settings including Google Fonts and a tiny bit of CSS, as well as a couple of optins features and the WooCommerce integration to skin her product and shop gallery. (click image to go to site) We are going to hook her payment info and train her to hook up real product info up so she can start receiving orders ASAP. More artists than ever want their own websites and Magali expressed a strong desire to get her work online in the simplest manner possible. This combination of MD and WooCommerce did the job perfectly and gives her a solid platform to make money with a shop and build a following with an email list. I hope you can find some inspiration of your own from this site.
Hey, So I've decided to share another website I'm working on. This time it's a website for a friend who provides Solar panel installation services. We'er also starting a webshop using MD, but that's not done yet. There will be a funnel lead in the header soon but right now the focus is more on simple providing potential customer with prices and the option to request a quote. I'm also playing around with the Action lead on some pages. An example can be found here
Hey guys, I mainly use MD for my personal projects or for some work I do on the side. This plumber website is an example of some work I did for a friend who started a year ago: Using Google Ads and MD he is booked for every week. Building websites like these and helping my friends who are entrepreneurs gives me a good insight into what I would like MD to feature in future releases.
I'd very much like to pitch for MD showcase and would also love to hear your valuable feedback on design and content.
Over the years I have watched a lifelong friend of mine Matt grow into an accomplished musician, business owner, and thinker (to name a few). In the same time period we have been building his website (and other iterations) slowly from a small blog and a place to hype the release of his new album. Eventually he created lyric videos with his music and we have been capturing leads until the full video gets created (he already has two music videos for his seven songs). But over the last few weeks Matt put together a team of really talented artists and I was fortunate to have the role of putting it together on the website. We've used MD for the framework of the website with a custom designed landing page and a post type for his album pages. You will also see a deep integration with WooCommerce and Matt went all the way to list his store products and organized product structure now that he has reached a new milestone in what his online business can offer. We worked on streamlining the upsell process and offer product variations for different clothing items, artwork, and other apparel. Entering more advanced product data like that to WooCommerce has always been a gray area but we found an addon called "Composite products" and designed it to handle the bundles. We are still growing the depth of the site and will be upgrading to ActiveCampaign from MailChimp but right now it is a fully payable and content rich ecommerce site. I'd like to open this thread for any feedback you see about improving the sales flow, and especially commentary on the design to sale process you see.
I'm finally launching my health blog. This has been a long time coming. Dealing with severe health issues has been the crux of my existence for the past 7 years. I've read every book, every blog, tried everything. I've put in my 10,000 hours of obsession. I had no choice. I think I can attract a small but motivated audience. Basically, I'm targeting me at 19. People that are hungry for answers and will be willing to do whatever it takes to become healthy. I have MD installed, two posts, the stream, and a basic about page. In addition, I got approved for Ancestral Supplement's affiliate program. I've been using their organ supplements recently and they're truly incredible. It seems they don't typically accept people without an existing following but after correspondence with the CEO I'm now good to go. I used MD to add social media share icons and an email opt-in. For some reason, when I click "join now" the email form doesn't submit though. (It works now that I've updated to the latest MD version). I'll be posting updates here as I continue to work on this new website. It's Dying to Thriving if you want to give it a look.
Thought I'd share something I made today using MD Optins and some helper classes. Check out what happens when you click "Order Online" at the top right hand side of the restaurant site. I hope this concept can be useful to some of you, so I pasted the HTML code I used here to create this popup design on the fly. Took about 30minutes total, most of that time spent formatting the DoorDash, Favor, and Uber Eats logos in Photoshop! Step 1 - create a new popup in MD &gt; Optins &gt; Popups and save it. Now open it and click the "Edit in Customizer" button. Step 2 - once the popups builder loads, go to Advanced &gt; Enable Custom Template. This totally wipes the canvas clean for you to add your own markup. Step 3 - here is the HTML I came up with to structure this design (please re-upload your any images you use!) <div class="block-single text-center"> <div class="popup-box block-double-tb shadow"> <p class="block-single-lr caps text-sec">Get the cow delivered to your doorstep</p> <p class="block-single-lr large-title caps text-center">Order Online</p> <p class="mb-mid text-sep micro-text block-full-lr">Wholly Cow has partnered with major food platforms to give you the best delivery experience possible.</p> <div class="block-double-lr"> <div class="columns-2 columns-half columns-flex"> <div class="col mb-half"> <a href="" class="button button-order doordash" target="_blank"> <span class="button-text">Order online with</span> <img src="" alt="Order Wholly Cow on DoorDash" /> </a> </div> <div class="col mb-half"> <a href="" class="button button-order ubereats" target="_blank"> <span class="button-text">Order online with</span> <img src="" alt="Order Wholly Cow on UberEats" /> </a> </div> <div class="col mb-half"> <a href="" class="button button-order favor" target="_blank"> <span class="button-text">Order online with</span> <img src="" alt="Order Wholly Cow on Favor" /> </a> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> Step 3 - I wrote some custom CSS to style this design a little further. You can paste this into the "Template CSS" box below, or wherever you prefer to paste custom CSS: /* POPUP */ .popup-box { background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.9); border-radius: 5px; } .popup-box .button-order { font-family: inherit; width: 100%; } .popup-box .button-text { font-size: 19px; margin-bottom: 5px; } .popup-box .button.doordash { background-color: #FF3008; } .popup-box .button.doordash img { width: 300px; } .popup-box .button.ubereats { background-color: #06C167; } .popup-box .button.ubereats img { width: 300px; } .popup-box .button.favor { background-color: #00A1DF; } .popup-box .button.favor img { width: 300px; } Step 4 - I also used the "Design" tab to upload the background image and change other colors in the popup. ----- If you thought this was cool, designing beautiful popups without writing any code is possible with the 5 default popup templates and other simple text controls in the Popups builder. This was just a fun exercise of what happens when I needed a dope new popup design quickly, and I am very happy with the results!
For those who followed my Facebook-blocked adventure, I have some great news: My URL is unblocked... ... and I have created my home page. Zen, Productive and Minimalist is the way to go. Enjoy it:
Found some old screenshots of the MD admin panel on a super old site running MD4.4.2 and thought I'd share them here. You couldn't pay me to go back in time and be back at that version, but it is incredibly cool to see how far we have come from 2016. This was the time period where MD was a theme and collection of plugins with multiple license keys (barf) and Page Leads and auto connecting email forms were the primary features. MD's history has always been trying to solve the problem of rapid feature expansion in an easily delivered package, and what we have evolved into today is quite literally the system I could only dream about back then. There, now you all know my ultimate nerdy fantasy. If you happen to have any old sites running an archaic version of MD, post them here! Otherwise enjoy this little glimpse into the past. Also included a wild screenshot of the old members online record from the old Kolakube forums back in 2013. We will get to those levels again!
Hey guys, wanted to show you another use case I found for the Floating Bars feature in MD Optins. You may have seen me around the forums the past few days talking to myself in the XenForo Comments thread, that's because I was testing a new Dropin idea. I spent the weekend developing the core features into a usable product on the MD website itself, but it is still not ready. So while I am unsure of the usefulness of this addon to many of you since I don't think you guys run forums (and maybe you should), so I have been promoting this idea to the community at XenForo (the forum software used here) and have gotten good feedback from over there. Now since nobody over there has ever heard of MD, I thought that if I am directing them to see a preview of the Dropin that I ought to try and collect their email addresses since they could potentially buy MD once this Dropin is released, so I quickly made a new Floating Bar for this page only to show after 5 seconds of viewing the page: Nothing crazy here, I simply went to the Edit page link and created a new Floating Bar under "Optins" and I think it adds a tasteful way to start collecting the emails of those who are interested in this new Dropin. I just wanted to highlight an idea here using MD's features and I hope it has given you some ideas of your own. Let me know what you think, and if you have had any success using MD's features go ahead and post a new thread about it! We would love to see what you have done.
So I finally did it. And I did it on MD. What did I do? Glad you asked. I launched a distraction-free daily newsletter around one of my favorite sources of inspiration and hope - The Bible. For me, The Bible is a library of 66 books, hence the name of my (fairly) new site - How am I using Marketers Delight? Marketers Delight provides a clean, minimalist canvas to highlight the most important aspects of my new venture. The content. 1. Having the flexibility to customize the background color, text color, link-text color, text spacing, and top/bottom height in the header was a great start during the development phase. 2. I added a (bold) subscribe button to the header menu which draws the attention (of desktop visitors) to the most important call to action on my site. The button looks great, and took less than 2 seconds to apply. 3. As with all digital newsletters, it's important to offer an archive of past newsletter issues. So for this, I decided to use The Stream. Using The Stream as my newsletter archive gives tells potential subscribers that Library66 is a different kind of newsletter. The care and attention to detail I'm showing the archive is indicative of how important Library66 is to me, and I believe it will lead to greater engagement and a great source of email subscribers. 4.  Using the Content Spotlight widget to showcase my featured content.  5. Enabled the share buttons at the bottom of my posts, but I might try the Share Notice Editor Block instead. 6. I'm currently hosting the opt-in form/page on a subdomain but would like to use an Email Page Lead (site wide). Just waiting to get my hands on MD 5.0 Which plugins am I using? 1. LuckyWP Table of Contents - activate. You can see it on all of my featured posts. 2. Rank Math SEO - active. I don't think I'm going to keep it, but for now, it's my SEO plugin of choice. 3. Classic Editor - inactive. What else? Library66 is growing and I'm getting a lot of positive feedback on the speed and look of the site so Kudos to @Alex  :) If you have any suggestions on how I can improve/optimize my site or make better use of MD's features, feel free to submit your feedback below.
Not my own success story, but one I think the community needs to hear: CMA's Chris Marr gives an awesome and indepth interview on how to create a membership website that, of course, uses Marketers Delight for CMA! Check it over at the Membership Guys website. Some things I found useful: How to offer a great CX to members; Creating a customer culture; Onboarding with physical gifts.
We create online businesses to serve specific needs through a specific voice that is calculated and stays on brand, though unfortunately at the expense of all the other wacko ideas and deep thoughts that may be valuable elsewhere. That's the value of having a personal blog and if you are lucky to own, can create a body of work that lasts a lifetime. Over the past week I've been reworking my own personal site in a way that fulfills any urges I have to write other kinds of content. It's not that I wouldn't share this kind of content anywhere else, there's just no better place to put them! Many of us (myself included) are trying to build the most complicated sites and see how far we can stretch MD and WordPress, so this personal site allowed me to experiment with scaling down to build a website. Let me tell you, MD made creating a pretty cool site super easy. Features I have activated throughout the site: Connected to MailChimp in the MD integrations panel Showing one email form in multiple parts of website from one settings screen Enabled the Stream to create a micro-blog Enabled the Bookshelf to create a reading list page Like and share buttons on blog and stream posts Custom sidebars on Stream page (though disabled right now for future plans) Changed some design settings in MD &gt; Site Design and wrote minimal custom CSS to tone down default MD styles ...and none of this required any plugins! In fact, I only have one plugin enabled: The All in One SEO Framework (premium version). I can't believe a site like this exists and is so fast, and using MD's features was just a joy! Not to gush too much of course, it's rare I can use MD in a relaxed environment without stressing about the flaws or getting lost in where I want to take it next. Do you have your own personal sites you have made with MD? Reply here or post your own thread about it!
note: This is probably not going to be grammatically correct, but I'm just gonna freestyle this one. .  .  .  .  .  . Back in January I began the long process of transitioning my business from a (fairly successful) Consulting biz to an Online learning co. The reason is pretty simple - I no longer want to trade time for money. While I enjoy working 1:1 with my clients, I'm a lot more interested in working smarter, and not harder, so.... Turning my website from a simple (static) contact portal to a legitimate (dynamic) website capable of presenting text, audio, and video content to my subscribers has been painless. I wanted my site to be lightweight, fast, flexible, and beautiful. Which is why I had-to go with MD. Without going into ever single detail (I'll save that for another time), I've successfully re-launched Raylosophy dot com as a content hub supported by subscriptions. 350+ paying subscribers later, and I'm still optimizing my site. I want to offer a distraction free...content &amp; web optimized experience, and thanks to Alexs' laser focused pursuit of perfection - Marketers Delight is making my job a lot easier. Instead of worrying about which plugins I need to install, activate, deactivate, etc...I can spend that time testing the built-in features. Right now, I six plugins installed, and only 5 of them active. 1. Classic Editor - because I really hate Gutenberg. 2. Google XML Sitemaps - because its the smart thing to do. 3. Memberful - because I need to manage my membership site, and Memberful seems like the best option. 4. Really Simple SSL - because I want to support these developers, and every site needs to be secure. 5. Stripe Payments (inactive)  - because I might not KEEP Memberful. Instead I might want to simply deliver my daily content via email, and keep each "newsletter issue" archived on the site - in which case I won't need something like memberful. I might go with using a PayPal link and a simple login page for anyone looking to access the site.  The point is, I love plugins, but I love my supporters more - and providing the best possible experience is what I want to do. 6. Lastly, I'm using  WP Offload Media Lite - because I (again) want to keep my site lightweight, and storing images and downloadable content on Amazon (s3) is the way to go. Okay, so this post is a little longer than I wanted it to be, but I've gotten so much value from the MD Forums that it's only right that I give a little back. Alex gives us so much with MD that I always have to remind myself that Kolakube/MD is essentially, a one-man-shop. Think about that for a sec. He's running software company by himself, and has a critical hand in the businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs. I'm grateful for MD, and my success is MD's success. Again - I apologize for spelling and grammatical errors, but I just wanted to get this out there. Ray.