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In a pretty interesting move Threadloom has just been acquired by VerticalScope in what looks like a way for VS to get a good grip on some powerful, data-driven tools for their vast communities.

Congrats to the ThreadLoom team. I don’t use the products myself but they are clearly popular with a good team behind them, so I’d guess the process will be all bust invisible for their customers.

Of course, when larger and larger companies are running through your site’s data you have to wonder how much of your site is still yours, truly. While we always own the lock and key to our websites (right?) there is powerful tech out there that increasingly controls how others find us and even changes how they see our content.

The tools behind ThreadLoom seem to be built with good intentions for the independent site owner, and with these kinds of acquisitions you always hope to see it stay that way. With a vested interest to use the tool for their own network I’m curious to see how skewed the development of the product will be in favor of VS customers first, or if the entire service will still thrive in unison.

Let ThreadLoom’s success serve as an example to the scale it is possible to build our own visions into and to keep pressing forward!

P.S. Save TAZ! I was originally tipped off from this thread.

We all want more comments on our blog posts.

More comments means more popularity and a quality community of commenters adds immense value to our writing.

A way to reward readers for leaving a comment (and encourage them to keep coming back) is to let them link back to their own blog.

This pushes a little traffic back to their own blog in exchange for a quality comment on yours. It’s a win-win.

But a community isn’t built on a few comments here and there.

It’s built on connection, on familiar faces… and even a little competition.

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How to Start an Automated Freelance Business With Service Plans, Order Forms and WordPressJust last night I rolled out my new freelance service plans and a great automated system behind it that sells those services as products and directs my customers to an order form to complete the process.

I’ve also added different layers of customization services where the value of my skills as a web designer + developer can make my clients blog stand out further once it’s up and running.

In this post, I want to show you the tools I used to create this system and the mindset that lead me to its creation.

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