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Taxi Driver, now considered a masterpiece, was a box office flop.

As a result, Scorsese tried something completely different.

His next movie was New York, New York, a musical with a light-hearted tone (as opposed to the dark, high-concept Taxi Driver).

It was also a huge flop  – critically and commercially.

Severely depressed and unsure of himself, Scorsese delved further into a drug addiction that started after Taxi Driver’s “failure.”

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2 years ago, I developed a rare health condition. 

Ever since, the daily pain and discomfort is so intense I often go entire nights without sleeping.

But it’s not all bad. Through duress I’ve learned something vital:

We are not using our time properly. 

You see, pain has eviscerated my tolerance for anything less than great.

If I’m going to work when all I want to do is lie in bed, it needs to be the right work

Work that tangibly improves my business, that provides high value to others, that means something

Now, when I consider taking on a project I ask myself one question:

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