About Alex Mangini

I'm the guy behind Kolakube. I'm 22 and an INTP. I built Kolakube and Marketers Delight, alongside a bunch of blogging and other projects over the years.

A common (and annoying) myth is that Thesis makes building a blog more complicated.

Not only is that completely false, there are a lot of things Thesis does to make building an optimized and lightweight website simpler. A lot simpler, actually.

Over my years of developing for WordPress, Thesis has been the easiest solution for me. That’s why I’ve stuck with it.

It only took me a short period of time to learn how to develop a full website with Thesis too.

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Many of the Kolakube skins in the gallery all have one thing in common — a color switcher. I try to design all of the color schemes the best I can, but sometimes a certain color scheme doesn’t work for a specific site’s need.

As of today, there are 4 different colors to a skin: red, blue, orange and green. I plan on adding more in the future, but what about those of you who don’t want to wait for me to do that?

It’s come up quite a bit over at the forums: “Alex, how can I add more colors to my skin?” After such popular demand, I have decided to kickoff the launch of the Tut Kiosk with a detailed tutorial on how to create custom color schemes.

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On a past blog I owned, I listed my popular posts in the sidebar and styled them in a way that got them noticed.

The styling was so simple, yet so effective in driving traffic to these popular posts that I was receiving more comments and retweets on these posts than any of my others.

I decided that I would write a quick tutorial here on how to apply the same style you see to the right for your own blog.

It’s a good-looking and effective way to drive even more traffic to your popular, recent or random posts (whichever you choose).

Let’s begin.

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