About Alex Mangini

I'm the guy behind Kolakube. I'm 22 and an INTP. I built Kolakube and Marketers Delight, alongside a bunch of blogging and other projects over the years.

A pretty powerful part of Thesis is its great ability to easily add or remove content areas with just a few lines of code.

Sure, coding isn’t the most attractive solution to most people — but it’s honestly not tough to wrap your head around if you really want to do it.

In this tutorial, I want to go over how I created alternate sidebar layouts throughout Kolakube.

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Running your own business is no joke. Whether you’re based online or in a fancy Palo Alto office, chances are, you’re putting in more work and more hours than anyone else you know.

But are all these hours you put into your business the thing that drives it? What about luck, or fortune? Do these things have roles in how successful a business is?

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