About Alex Mangini

I'm the guy behind Kolakube. I'm 22 and an INTP. I built Kolakube and Marketers Delight, alongside a bunch of blogging and other projects over the years.

It’s 2016 and the Kolakube Labs are on fire! As the new year started, the release of MD Popups soon followed—and that was a big deal to a lot of MD customers!

If you’ve seen the page then you know what MD Popups is all about. But in the greater scheme of things, is the first premium addon available for Marketers Delight. This opens up big opportunity for future products coming out of the labs!

Before I talk more into the future, I want to take a look back and talk about what’s been going on around Kolakube the past month.

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The free Kolakube Email Forms WordPress plugin got a huge update today and is packed full of new features that make placing customized email signup forms on your site even easier.

Kolakube Email Forms is a lite version of the email forms system built into Marketers Delight. You may want to consider using MD if you want to not only build a better, more strategic website, but for more design control over your email forms.

To get version 1.1, update the Kolakube Email Forms plugin from the Plugins dashboard in WordPress or download from the plugins repository.

See also: how to display email signup forms with Kolakube Email Forms

Let’s dive straight into the new features of Kolakube Email Forms:

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While designing the new MD Admin Panel I needed to come up with a way to make the panel look a little creative without going too over-the-top on the design.

Then it dawned on me that WordPress introduced multiple admin color schemes not too long ago and I went off to the races to figure out how I could use that color data myself to reuse.

After digging around, it turns out it’s pretty easy:

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Comments Leaderboard Widget

Simple widget options, right from your WordPress dashboard.

We all want more comments on our blog posts.

More comments means more popularity and a quality community of commenters adds immense value to our writing.

A way to reward readers for leaving a comment (and encourage them to keep coming back) is to let them link back to their own blog.

This pushes a little traffic back to their own blog in exchange for a quality comment on yours. It’s a win-win.

But a community isn’t built on a few comments here and there.

It’s built on connection, on familiar faces… and even a little competition.

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How to Start an Automated Freelance Business With Service Plans, Order Forms and WordPressJust last night I rolled out my new freelance service plans and a great automated system behind it that sells those services as products and directs my customers to an order form to complete the process.

I’ve also added different layers of customization services where the value of my skills as a web designer + developer can make my clients blog stand out further once it’s up and running.

In this post, I want to show you the tools I used to create this system and the mindset that lead me to its creation.

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