Aroxis: A New Responsive, Ultra-Flexible Thesis Skin by Kolakube

Aroxis is a new Thesis skin from Kolakube, and it’s pretty damn cool.

The main idea of Aroxis is to help serve your content to multiple devices, providing a more elegant experience for users on any device.

Or, in shorter terms, Aroxis has a stunning responsive design. And it’s not like anything you’ve seen in the Thesis community yet.

Thesis Design OptionsSince Aroxis is built on Thesis, you know it sits on some pretty powerful layout options.

The best part of this responsive experience isn’t for your readers. It’s for you, the site creator.

You can set your own column widths, create one, two or three column layouts, and even reverse the order of your columns.

A problem with many responsive themes is that they remain static.

As in, you can’t change the widths of columns or set your own custom column order settings. Your stuck with what you get out of the box.

Aroxis solves that problem and integrates perfectly with Thesis’ layout options. And of course, it all remains responsive.

From Flexible Layout to Killer Design Options

Taking a page from Chronicl, Aroxis is a “design first, ask questions later” kind of skin.

Armed with killer design options, you can set your own background color, change textures throughout the skin and even create some beautiful logos:

Aroxis Logos

Note: Click for a full view

The logo settings in Aroxis are impressive:

  • Broken circle logo format (far left)
  • Rectangle box (left)
  • Plain text (right)
  • Your own custom logo (far right)

…and you can align your logo any way you want. Left, right, center— and the layout adapts.

That’s Just A Glance…

Aroxis is a pretty powerful skin, and has opened the doors for current and future Kolakube skins to become perfectly responsive within Thesis.

If you want to learn more about Aroxis, you can click the link below to get started:

Learn more about Aroxis →

PS: A huge “thank you” to Matt Gross (@mattonomics) for the help he gave me. Aroxis wouldn’t be as slick without his help!

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  1. Alex, this is fantastic news and I’m really pleased to see this. As you know I think your themes are fantastic pieces of work. I can say that with all seriousness having spent hours browsing themes and broken others.

    I’m moving to Brooklyn, (in Hove currently) and I’m starting my own blog, something I’ve had planned for a long time and now I think Aroxis is the skin for it!

    Watch this space!

    Chris Wandel

  2. Another gorgeous skin. Congrats Alex. And with all of your skins I’m sure the functionality is just as impressive. I’m still loving Marketers Delight 2 but I have my eyes on Aroxis, it might be the perfect fit for one of my blogs.
    I like how you threw in that video of the Celtics on the Aroxis demo site…..always proudly waving your Celts and Pats flags like a true fan. Gotta love it.

    • Thanks for the support as always Ray! Glad to have you around.

      Let me know if you have any questions about Aroxis as well.

      And gotta give my boys from Boston some love. 😀 Made it farther than I expected them to this season.

  3. I Just KNEW you’d knock it out of the park with your new theme…then again, you seem to do that with every theme you make. 🙂

    Can we please get a tumblr-styled theme next to support post formats better? Some of us can’t style y’know…. 😉

    • Hey Avi,

      Appreciate the support you’ve given throughout the process of this skin. Aroxis was designed around post formats, but unfortunately they didn’t make the final cut as I needed to release it and I had spent a ton of time on the responsive portion of it.

      All in good time though man! That’s the beauty of releasing new features in sequences, it’s more exciting than doing it all at once. 😀

  4. Finally, you take this into account. The design looks cool and works perfectly on my mobile device too. Thinking about what site should I use this for 🙂

  5. Hi Alex,

    I love your Skins so much that it has inspired me to learn HTML& .CSS.

    It just amazes me how you can envision something in your mind and create it and make it a reality. Thanks so much for the inspiration bro.

    It’s amazing how I was reading about “Responsive Web Design” and then you come out with a new Skin doing just that.

    Freakin Amazing.

    Anyways keep up the good work bro. I’ll def be buying this skin. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  6. Alex, this is fantastic.

    We redesigned my site about 6 weeks ago, but this theme is so good, I’m seriously tempted to switch. It ticks the boxes, and looks awesome.

    It would be cool to see some of the MD2 features moved into this theme, too, such as a page leads template, and landing page template.

    Some of us like to market with more refined looks, like Aroxis gives 🙂

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