How to Install Marketers Delight 2.1

The installation process from Marketers Delight 2.0 to 2.1 has been changed. The reason for that is the conversion from a child theme to a skin.

The Thesis framework uses a skinning system (a custom design that lives inside of the Thesis directory) opposed to child themes (which live outside of Thesis). A skin has multiple benefits over a child theme, namely: WP Network Support. They are also more futureproof, meaning you can upgrade Thesis without breaking your skin.

Here is a quick and easy rundown of how to install the Marketers Delight 2.1 skin. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Quick Instructions

(see below for more thorough instructions)

  1. Unzip the Marketers_Delight folder you downloaded from your Kolakube account.
  2. Upload the contents of the thesis_183 folder you received in your download into the thesis_183 folder on your FTP server. Of course, make sure Thesis 1.8.3 is installed first
  3. Login to your admin panel, navigate to Thesis → Manage options and import the options file thesis-all-options-20120211.dat the ‘All Options’ section
  4. Refresh your blog and enjoy Marketers Delight 2.1

Here are more detailed, thorough instructions for less experiences WordPress users:

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Thesis 1.8.3 Installed

As I’m writing this, Thesis 1.8.3 has been released and is the latest version of the framework. Marketers Delight has not been tested on any version older than Thesis 1.8.3, but you shouldn’t have any problems on 1.8.2, 1.8.1, etc. (it’s always recommended to use the latest version).

So, to be safe: be sure to have downloaded, installed and activated Thesis to your blog. If you need instructions on how to install Thesis to your site, please refer to the Thesis user guide.

Once Thesis is installed, your site should look like a standard Thesis installation:

Fresh Thesis Install

Click to see a larger view

Step 2: Download, Unzip Marketers Delight 2.1 Files

Once Thesis installed, it’s time to port in the Marketers Delight 2.1. files. It’s easy.

  1. Enter the Kolakube client area and click ‘Purchases’. Now, download the Marketers Delight files 2.1.
  2. Now that the ZIP file is on your computer, unzip it.
  3. Open up the unzipped Marketers_Delight folder and you will see:
MD Files

Click to see a larger view

Step 3: Connect to Your Server via FTP, and Upload

Now, connect to your FTP server. Navigate through your installation to the thesis_183 folder. The path is usually:


Once you’re inside of the thesis_183 directory on your FTP, open up the Marketers Delight folder you received from your download. Navigate inside it, and open the upload folder.

Now, upload all the files from the upload folder on your computer into the thesis_183 directory on your FTP server. Be sure to select “yes” if asked about overwriting files.

Here’s what the folder will look like after you’ve uploaded all the files into the directory:

…and the custom folder within thesis_183 should look like this:

Step 4: Importing Options

The last step is to import the skin options into the Thesis options in WordPress.

Start by logging in to your dashboard and navigate to Thesis – Manage Options

Under ‘Upload Options’, go to the ‘All Options’ file uploader and upload the file thesis-all-options-20120211.dat which is located in the Marketers_Delight download folder.

All options


Once you’ve completed these 4 simple steps, you can go back to your site, refresh the page and start using Marketers Delight 2.1!

If you are having trouble with installing Marketers Delight, please visit the support forum.

To learn more about how Marketers Delight works, check out the ever-growing Marketers Delight documentation.