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The Moment You Know Everything is Coming Together

I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble in Union Square, New York writing this post and looking around in amazement. What’s the big deal, it’s just a bookstore, right?

But I’m looking at a bigger picture. Something a lot bigger than just sitting in a bookstore typing away on my computer.

The Moment You Realize What You’ve Got

My reason for being in New York today was to meet up with my buddy, Lewis Howes. I’ve done work for Lewis in the past, and have emailed him back and forth quite a few times. I’ve just never met him face to face.

So today, we met up in a coffee shop and had a good conversation for a couple of hours. If you’re not familiar with his work, you should check out his website to get an idea. He’s a really cool, determined guy with a lot of passion for what he does and is going to absolutely rock 2012.

After we went our separate ways I couldn’t help but start thinking that I was living my dream at last.

Here I am, 18 years old, in one of the greatest cities on Earth meeting a guy who’s wildly successful at what he does and is just having a damn good time living life.

For the longest time, since the age of 13, I’ve always wanted to set out on my own. To do what makes me happy. And it just clicked, that I’m actually doing it.

Between writing blog posts, creating WordPress themes and freelancing design projects I am incredibly happy and having the time of my life.

If you would have told me that I’d be going to New York in a few years by myself, to meet up with a guy like Lewis (who actually invited me to lunch), I’d never have believed you.

It’d be too good to be true, and it’s just not something that would ever happen to me.

But here I am, sitting in an ordinary bookstore thinking how fortunte I am and how bright my future is going to be.

It’s all coming together, finally, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what tomorrow has in store.

Your Extraordinary Life is in Your Hands

A huge lesson I’ve learned, not just from talking to Lewis, but from actually living it, is that anything that happens in your life is the result of a decision you make.

So why not start making good decisions now, that will lead you to the extraordinary life you want to live?

Make the decisions that will finally help put everything into perspective and that will start shifting things to go your way.

Take it from me. I’m just a kid from the country, but I know what I want.

And wow. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to it each and every day.