Strict Blog No Copyright Policy

No CopyrightIf you’re wondering whether or not you are allowed to re-publish any blog posts from Kolakube, the short answer is: yes, you can.

You can steal any blog post you want and put it on your own website. You can go ahead and take paragraphs of text from my posts and include them in your own posts. Hell, put your name in the byline while you’re at it.

My posts (and guest posts) are yours to re-publish, modify, print— whatever, and you don’t need to put my name or Kolakube’s behind it.

Why do this?

I put a lot of work, research and time into writing my blog articles. I do my best to only provide the absolute best content I can, with hopes of helping people and really making a difference in their business through design.

Putting my name on it does not change the usefulness or relevance of any written piece, so why limit it to just my one site and small audience?

I want my content here to help as many people as it can reach. Whether it’s on my blog under my name, or some random tech blog a guy named Carl owns— it can still help people.

This is Blog Only

I just want to make clear, this policy only holds true for any article published on the Kolakube blog. This does not apply to any of my Thesis skins or freebies, so please respect that and keep my name on them. :-)