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Step into the Spotlight:
3 Ways to Create a Website That Gets You More Clients

Spotlight for WordPressGetting people to visit your website is the easy part these days. The hard part is getting those people to use your website; to sell them on your services, and then get them to take action to get in touch with you and hire you.

As a freelancer, having a stockpile of leads at your disposal is a comforting thought. Knowing you can pick up a new project and get paid for it at any time is what will keep you in business, and food on your table.

I’ve been freelancing on and off for 6 years, and have never struggled to get new clients when I needed a new project. Rather than trying to drive as much traffic as possible to my website, I’ve always focused on one thing to get more leads:

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SmartWP: Making Layout Decisions, Not Options

Building Smarter WordPress Themes: Making Layout Decisions, Not Options

In the convoluted world of WordPress themes that are built to stretch to infinity, and offer “all the options you’ll ever need”, its become easy to forget what delivering focused solutions to a client or customer’s problem entails.

Problem solving: it’s the reason we build. It’s the reason we scratch our heads and yell obscenities when we can’t get our precious code to work. The urge to solve problems is ultimately what drives us as creators to keep on creating.

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WordPress Plugins

How I Rebuilt Kolakube With These 21 Awesome WordPress Plugins

If you’re a regular around Kolakube, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes throughout the site lately. And I’m talking more than the release of my new WordPress theme.

For the past month or so, I’ve been rebuilding the Kolakube website. Every major part has been overhauled, and it all now runs 100% on WordPress, which is a HUGE deal since I had a few other pieces of software deeply integrated into the site. Running my business has never been simpler.

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Chronicl 1.1 Goes Responsive, MD2.2.6 is Live + New Thesis Sites You Need to See

There’s been a lot going on lately behind the scenes here at the ministry of Kolakube (heh).

I wanted to take a little time to talk about some new skin updates (this is a big deal), show you some of the client designs I’ve worked on, and talk about things like Beast Optimization and other plans for Kolakube.

Basically, there’s a ton of stuff that I want to talk about, and it’s all stuff you’ll just love.

Want to get started? :D

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Marketers Delight is Now Responsive (or not)

Continuing on what has been a crazy week around Kolakube, I have something that all you Marketers Delight users are going to love.

Marketers Delight version 2.2.5 is out and it brings a responsive design to the table. Or in other words, MD2.2.5 now looks incredible on any device (phone or tablet).

This is the 6th major update in the 4 months Marketers Delight has been available (talk about getting your money’s worth).

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